Blog: final project

Cheng Cheng
3 min readDec 1, 2020


My team and I are working on an endless runner game called Tatsuo: Wipeout.The name of the character is Tatsuo, who is a green dragon surfer with a cute animation. He will surf on the waves with an endless scrolling background and avoid obstacles. The game ends when Tatsuo hits the obstacles for three times.

My job is to create a title-screen, edit an animation of the introduction to the game, and add music. What we have now in compare to our prototype is the title-screen. It includes three button, the “Play”, “Guide”, and “Quit” buttons. The “Guide” button will navigate the player to a panel introducing how to play the game.

Game view without the player

The image on the left is the game view without the player. My teammate Camila has been developing the body part of our game. She developed the scrolling background and the movement of the player. She will also make the player jump on these waves shown on the image. The purple piggy is one of our obstacles, which are developed in a spawning pattern allowing the obstacles to generate randomly and automatically. The player has three lives, so he will fail the game if he hits the piggy more than three times.

Yixin is another artist of our final project. She has drawn the background of the title screen and of our game and a lot of obstacles such as crabs, piggys and etc. These obstacles are shown below.


Each member of our team is making contributions to the project even though we encounter a lot of challenges such as having different opinions on the project mechanics, such as giving the player three lives or seting a timer to the game so that it has an end point, and getting stuck on programming. I cannot wait to see what we come up with at the end and have faith on our project to be a fun and attracting game.